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Trauma Informed Care addresses the root cause of behavioral problems

One evening last winter, a young boy returned home from a basketball game at the Boys & Girls Club to find his father face down in the snow, shot dead by multiple gunshot wounds. For most, this shooting tore through local news headlines as fast as it was dismissed as just another tragedy. For the boy, in one unimaginable moment, his life was changed forever. The flowers, cards and food shared with the family in condolence of their loss were standard but thoughtful gestures to the grieving family. Less common was the outreach Family & Children’s Center provided with the offer of immediate counseling for the entire family for as long as needed, at no expense. Fortunately, Family & Children’s Center’s licensed therapists trained in Trauma Informed Care (TIC) were able to provide lasting treatment for the boy in the familiar environment of the Boys & Girls Club. 


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The mission of Family & Children’s Center is to build strong families and healthy children. As you will discover as you explore this site further, our affiliates serve our community by providing a broad range of valuable programs and services.

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Family & Children’s Center is dedicated to strengthening the emotional and behavioral health of the communities it serves, with special emphasis on the needs of children and families. Founded as an orphanage in 1882, today our affiliates serve thousands of children and families throughout the region.

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